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Hair growth after stopping propecia

First a quick introduction. I am a fairly young guy, 23 years old. First started noticing that I was loosing hair at age 18 and since then I’ve been treating it in various ways. My brother is in his late twenties and almost fully bald, so I know where I’m headed if I don’t keep fighting it - which I am determined to do.

Last year and a half I have been on the big three - 1,25 mg finasterid, 5% minox and ocasionally nizoral. This summer I started trying to live a slightly healthier life, and the systemic inhibiton of DHT was not really compatible with this.
I therefore decided to try to go on without finasteride. After about two months I started really feeling worried about loosing my hair again (a feeling I do not really have while on finasteride as I feel I am using the most powerfull tool to fight hairloss), and in the ens I picked it up hair growth after stopping propecia again even though I had not really noticed an accelerated loss of hair yet.
I also added 15% minoxidil with azelaic acid application at night time. Now my hair is definately worse than it was this summer - therefore I have decided to start laser treatment as well.

However I am still concerned about the long-term side effects of finasteride, and would like to be able to manage my hairloss at the same time, if able to aggressively fight hairloss without it. I see propecia as a temporary treatment untill something better comes along.

I would like to ask people who have been in a similar situation (been using it for approx two years), what are your experiences of quitting finasteride? Are there any good replacements, such as laser?
I read that OMG wrote that most of the veterans on forums do not use propecia, so what are you guys using? Maybe topical spiro is a good replacement?


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