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Propecia success hair loss

Hey guys, hope everyone has been having a great Christmas! I am glad to be back on this forum and read the success stories and advice of all the members.
I am 25 and have been taking finasteride 1.25 mg for about 1 year now. I was heading toward a Norwood 6 without a doubt. My dad is a NW6. I still waited too long to begin this med (at least 3 years late) but better late than never. Not that I was denying my hairloss but I have to admit that in the year prior to me starting finasteride, my hairloss accelerated like crazy. At first I was like oh well, I just shave it. But then the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to keep my hair. Also I realized that even if I get a hair transplant, I will most likely be started on finasteride anyway, so I began taking it. I actually began taking it for a bit in October of 2009, but the side effects were pretty nasty especially the ED so I stopped. However, in January, I realized that I will be extremely busy with school for quite some time so I honestly didn't care about not being able to sustain an erection. So I started it again and what a great idea it was. I am quite sure that had I not begun finasteride, I would have been completely bald by now or within the next year or two.
So I joined this forum last winter break and pretty much spent the entire break reading about hair loss and I decided that finasteride is a must. Also I did some search about different shampoos and decided to go with Nioxin system 2. I probably should have gone with their system 6 since I have coarse hair. In the first few months of 2010, I experienced quite a lot of shedding but I honestly thought it was the Nioxin and finasteride shocking my system. But since I didn't have time to think about it being so busy with school, I kept taking the medication and using the shampoo saying what do I have to lose?
Regarding side effects of finasteride currently, they are there but I think it is just how it is as long as I keep taking the medication. I have minor gynecomastia, but my erections are fine now. In fact, I wake up with morning erections at least 70% of the time. The watery semen is there and also my ejaculations are not as forceful as they used to be (probably 80%) and my semen volume is always lower even if I haven't ejaculated in a while. Also both my penis and testicles are smaller in size and volume which I am sure is explained by the extra testosterone in my system. Also I might have experienced the "mental fog" that some other members talk about, but I honestly think that is because I have been so burned out with school and not this medication haha. So I understand that either I take this medication and keep and regrow my hair or go bald and not have side effects. Also as I said I have been busy with school so it has been nice to know that I am doing all I can for my hair. I will have some free time in the next few months so I am thinking about making an appointment with a urologist perhaps to talk about using anastrazole (arimidex) to decrease the esterogen in my body. As I said the lack of time is a main issue for me to make these kinds of appointments. Does anyone have any experience with arimidex at all? I think it is now available for generic, which means the cost is much less.
So regarding results, I have definitely kept all the hairs that I had before I began taking this medication. Also I have experienced regrowth ( I have been taking pictures of myself and also I know how bad I looked before I began taking this medication). Also if I look closely at my scalp, there are very fine hairs growing between the thicker hairs that I have. I have also asked other people to make sure I am not imagining. So here is my question: are these hairs eventually going to "thicken"? How does that work? From what I have heard, after 2 years of taking finasteride, whatever hair that I haven't regrown will not grow any more. Is this true?
Also I think the main benefit with Nioxin is that it definitely creates a healthy environment in the scalp but more importantly thickens whatever hair there is. I really recommend it. As I said, I have mistakenly been using system 2 but now I am trying to find system 6 (system 6 is not that easy to find in local stores close to me). But even system 2 has been helpful. But as I said, I think finasteride is THE main thing. I mean I feel like even if I wash my hair with laundry detergent while on finasteride, I will keep more hair than if I use the best shampoo but don't take finasteride . I am just hoping that finasteride doesn't lose its charm for me after some years of using it.
So anyway, I just thought I would share my story. As I said, I sometimes feel like beating myself up for not starting finasteride sooner but then I come to my senses and I realize that beating myself up doesn't help at all. Also I keep telling myself that whatever hair that this med doesn't regrow can be replaced with a hair transplant later on.
Thanks for this awesome forum I look forward to your comments! I also hope I can help out other members on this forum...

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